“My husband miraculously found Mike’s information on the internet, and it was an absolute Godsend.  It was during an extremely hard time after the passing of my grandmother. Mike went above and beyond for my family.  His work was thorough, and we were informed and updated along the way.  His legal advice was sound, and I felt confident he had our best interest at heart.” – Leah G., Auburn, AL

“You are a significant part of our story…you have always provided…us the legal assistance we needed in our business and personal affairs. Thanks, Mike, for everything you did to make our life better” – Pam B., Montgomery, AL

“I’d recommend you in a heartbeat.  You’re the best and I am incredibly grateful for all of the time and energy you put into my case.  You helped me out of kindness and not for profit.” – Monica C., Montgomery, AL

“Michael is the best lawyer I have ever consulted with.  He was very professional and knowledgeable.  He never displayed any signs of shortness or agitation and was always there when I needed him.  Mike was patient and hot the job done as promised.  There are not many Mike Kelley’s out there and I am appreciative to know him.” – Tiffany G., Montgomery, AL

“Michael quickly understands business considerations in litigation.  His research and writing are thorough and complete. Michael interacts with other attorneys and judges in a very confident and professional manner.  I am extremely pleased with the quality and value of his work.  His integrity and warm personality are added benefits..” – Steve F., Montgomery, AL

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