What is a Legacy Plan?

financial appraisal

Wealth planning empowers you to make financial and life decisions with a clear mind and open heart.

We ensure your hard-earned assets and insurance policies are owned and managed correctly, so you feel comfortable that everything you have to pass along has been accounted for.

Lasting Legacy

Capturing your legacy is the non-tangible gift your loved ones will treasure the most.

What are your dreams for your loved ones?  What stories and accomplishments do you wish to pass along?  We provide a platform to encourage and share your wisdom.  Your legacy is more than your financial gift.  The life you lead and the lessons you learn will enrich your loved ones beyond measure.

minor care plan of action

Protecting your most precious gifts - your children.

Through our full Kids Protection Plan™, we create a guardianship plan that not only outlines permanent guardianship but also protects your minors during any transition periods.  We will keep your children out of the state’s care or anyone you would not want to raise them.  We make sure your children are never with someone that is not pre-approved.

conflict prevention

A thorough plan prevents litigation and family division.

Through complex asset management, we keep your loved ones out of court and free from conflict.

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